Welcome to OpenSourceGreen.info! The site is organized according to two sections:Buildings-Residential /Business, Transport-Present Options.  You can also also puruse the site using the search function at the top of the page (Coming Soon).

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What is OpenSource Green?

OpensourceGreen.info exists to supply individuals and small businesses with core information about the technical choices and cost realities of products available now in three key green areas- Photovoltaics, Groundsource/geothermal and Transport(hybrid/electric).

OpensourceGreen.info delivers basic consumer (residential and small business) information on its website. We also actively assist consumer adoption and deliver integrated training to consumers and service providers on the cost realities involved making these green choices

Use either the top listing or the left sidebar to access information about each available product family and potential tradeoffs between different product types and configurations. For additional information in any specific area again use the left sidebar.
Product and service information and listing is useless unless you know where to go to buy it – All products and services listed have pointers to specific sites. When you hit a specific pointer, you will move to that site.


Why “opensource”?

We are an open information source continually seeking “hard” data that adds to or modifies our information base.

Any contribution that achieves either of these two objectives receives Opensourcegreen.info’s recognition in two ways. We modify our information and we create a pointer to the relevant site.

All “opensource contributions” can be sent to the specific item site







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